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New House Plants just arrived. Air Plants, Aglaonema, Dieffenbachia, Pothos, Spaths & many more. Plants clean the air we breathe.
February is National Bird Feeding Month. Check out our great deals & selection of Birding Supplies. Feeders, Food, Houses, Baths & De-Icers.
Start Indoor Growing. Hydroponics, Grow lights, Heat Mats, Seed Supplies, Growing Medium, Fertilizers. Fairy/Gypsy Garden & Terrarium Plants
Don't let the winter weather take you down... We now have FastMelt ice melter & snow shovels and St. Patrick's Day Decorations!

Expert Articles & Advice

February Gardening Tips

Even in the middle of winter, gardeners can plan for a bountiful harvest, and because February is the shortest winter month, spring is that much closer!

Indoor Gardening for the Colder Months

Your love of gardening should not be limited to that season alone. Rest assured that you can indulge your inner gardener even during the dreary, freezing winter months. Here are a few tips to help you grow your favorite plants indoors this upcoming winter.

Special Offers

Get a great mix for your winter birds! True Value's 20lb.
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Picking up new houseplants?
Valid 2/01 - 2/28/2015


The Joy of Birding with Expert Cean Laverty at 10am

Join Birding Expert, Cean Laverty, for The Joy of Birding seminar on March 14th at 10am! Presented by Bob's Garden Center in conjunction with Wild Delight premium Bird Food.